Social responsibility

-Supporting students who are educating in institutions in line with the sector.
-Supporting students with low economical status.
-Supporting sports clubs having low economical status.
-Contributing to society’s faith needs.
-Providing food aid for needers.
-Providing drug and food for shelter animals.

Supporting sports clubs having low economical status.

Sponsorships are considered under two headings. Meetings and congress are planned sponsorships, specialized and academic organisations are sectorel sponsorships.Sponsorship requests that are received by e-mails, fax and company visits are evaluated. Sponsorship and participation are provided to the international organizations that will contribute to the promotion of the country in the respect of the organization.

Planned sponsorships in order to participate in organizations that are in line with country and animal husbandry policies are planned each year to take part in the marketing budget of next year. Sectoral sponsorships that receive application for accession are evaluated throughout the year.

Company executives attend sponsoring organizations and participate in the discussions with scientists about various subjects and also communicate with existing participating academicians and customers.