Metrisym Oral Tablet


Metrisym Oral Tablet is administered by oral route in calves with an undeveloped rumen. Unless otherwise recommended by veterinarian; Administration by oral route in calves: Pharmacological dosage: 5 mg/kg trimethoprim + 25 mg/kg sulfadiazine Practical dosage : 1 Tablet/ 40 kg / l.w. / day The tablets are administrated by direct ingestion or by dissolving in one glass of water (300 ml). The water containing dissolved tablet should be immediately administered to the animal. The treatment continues for 5 days. The treatment duration should not exceed 5 days. No water limitation is required before administration of tablet to animals. It is recommended to administer the daily dose by dividing it into two, as the effective concentration is reached in about 12 hours. In order to avoid development of resistance to antibiotic, the animal weighing should be as accurate as possible and the dosage should be adjusted precisely.


It is also indicated for the treatment of diseases caused by bacteria by administration via oral route in calves, as well as the treatment of acute salmonellosis and bacterial pneumonia.


The calves should not be sent to slaughtering during the treatment and until a period of 15 days elapses following the last drug administration, when it is administered by oral route.