Doksisym %50 Water Soluble Powder


For broiler pullets and turkeys, it is administered at a daily dose of 10-20 mg/kg b.w. in drinking water. Unless otherwise recommended by the veterinarian, 200 – 400 g of Doksisym oral Solution powder is administered in drinking water adequate for 10 ton l.w. (approximately 1000 liters). Treatment duration is 5 days. The dosage for calves is 1 g per 50 kg l.w. The required amount of medicinal product is mixed in a quarter liter (2 tea glasses) of drinking water. For calves, the daily dosage should be divided into two and administered at a 12-hour interval. The treatment should continue for 3-5 days, by taking into consideration the course of the infection.


Doksisym 50% Oral Solution powder is indicated for the treatment of bacterial infections in calves, broiler pullets and turkeys. For calves, it is for diarrhea of bacterial origin, coli-septicemia, bronchopneumonia, polyarthritis, calf diphtheria and umbilical cord inflammation, It is indicated for diarrhea of bacterial origin, colisepticemia, CDR complex, air sac infections, salpingitis, cholera, coryza and staphylococcal infections in broiler pullets and turkeys.


Chicken: 4 days
Turkey: 6 days
Calves: 14 days
Not to be used in chicken and turkey producing egg intended for human consumption