Symatro Solution for Injection


It is generally administered by subcutaneous (s.c) route at following dosages for parasympatholytic purposes. Species Practical Dosage Pharmacological Dosage Administration Route Horse-Cattle 1,5 – 3 ml/100 kg l.w. 30-60 µg/kg l.w. subcutaneous (sc) Sheep-Goat 0,75 – 4 ml/ 50 kg l.w. 30-160 µg/kg l.w. subcutaneous (sc) Dog 0,15 – 0,25 ml/10 kg l.w. 30-50 µg/kg l.w. subcutaneous(sc) Cat 0,06- 0,1 ml/ 4 kg l.w. 30-50 µg/kg l.w. subcutaneous(sc) In case of organic phosphorus intoxication, the dosage can be increased to 0.5 mg/kg live weight (¼ of the total dose can be injected by rapid intravenous route, and the remaining can be administered by subcutaneous route by monitoring the status of the animal. The dosage should be repeated by monitoring the atropinization symptoms and depending on the regression of the intoxication symptoms.


Symatro Solution for Injection is indicated for stimulating cardiac and respiratory system functioning; and as spasmolytic in cases of pain and bladder, urethral and renal spasms, colic and contractions and as an antidote in case of intoxication by organophosphorus insecticide, arecoline, pilocarpine and neostigmine; for reduction of salivary and bronchial secretion in general anesthesia, and preanesthetic medication to prevent adverse effects of vago-vagal increased by vago-vagal reflexes in horse, cattle, sheep, goats, cats and dogs.


Withdrawal period for meat and milk is “0” days for cattle, sheep and goats.