Ribogen Solution for Injection


The daily pharmacological dosage for all species is 4 mg/kg live weight, and it is administered by intramuscular (i.m), subcutaneous (s.c) and slow intravenous (i.v) route at the following dosage. Cattle and Horse 4.0 ml/ 100 kg l.w. (daily dosage) Calves 2.0 ml/ 50 kg l.w. (daily dosage) Cats 0.2 ml/ 5 kg l.w. (daily dosage) Dogs 0.4 ml/ 10 kg l.w.(daily dosage) Foals 2.0 ml/ 50 kg l.w. (daily dosage) Better results can be obtained if the dose is divided into two at the beginning of the treatment. The administration should be once a day, and the treatment continues for 3 days. The principles of asepsis and antisepsis should be followed during handling. Overdose should be avoided, and attention should be paid for dosage adjustment especially in weak and small animals.


It is indicated for the treatment of respiratory, digestive and urogenital system infections caused by gentamicin-sensitive bacteria, septicemia and other soft-tissue infections in cattle, horses, dogs and cats.


The cattle, raised for meat, should not be sent to slaughtering during the treatment and until a period of 80 days elapses following the last drug administration. The milk obtained during the treatment and for a period of 2 days (4-milking) following the last drug administration should not be used for human consumption.