Furosym Solution for Injection


It is administered only by slow intravenous (i.v) route in cattle and horses, and slow intravenous (i.v) and intramuscular (i.m.) route in cats and dogs. Species Practical dosage Pharmacological dosage Administration route Cattle, Horse 2,5 – 5 ml /100 kg l.w. 0,5-1,0 mg/kg l.w. slow intravenous (i.v) Dog-Cat 1,25-2,5 ml/10 kg l.w. 2,5-5,0 mg/kg l.w. slow intravenous (i.v) and intramuscular (i.m) For urine sampling (within 5-10 minutes), administration of 4 ml by intravenous route (i.v.) is sufficient in horse and cattle. Based on the severity and course of the incident and on the responses of the animal to the treatment, the dosage and administration are generally repeated 3-4 times at a 6-8 hour interval in horses, and 1-2 times at a 12-24 hour interval in cattle, and 3-4 times at a 6-8 hour interval in for cats and dogs per day. Treatment continues for 1-2 days, if deemed necessary.


Furosym Solution for Injection is indicated for elimination of fluids from tissues, body cavities, joints, tendons and surfaces, which accumulate or form edema due to circulatory system, liver and renal disorders or any other reason, through diuresis, and acceleration of diuresis in case of intoxication, and in case of emergency cases such as acute pulmonary and cerebral edema. Accordingly, it is indicated to support the main treatment in any kind of stress conditions (high effort, enceinte, overtemperature, transportation), various infectious diseases and recovery period in horses, and for clinical and supportive treatment in problems related to development, nutrition and adaptation, and anemia, hypocalcemia, mycotoxicosis and intoxication. The therapeutic dosage and frequency of repetition are adjusted based on the severity of disease, clinical course thereof, and the responses of the animals to the treatment. In case of edema, the treatment should continue by administration of the product at a decreased dosage for a while after elimination of swelling in order to avoid recurrence of edema.


Zero ‘0” days for meat and milk when applied by i.v. Route. Due to residue problem should not be used by i.m. Route