Pharmacovigilance; Studies on the detection, evaluation, identification and prevention of undesirable effects and possible problems (effects, side effects and interactions in target animal species) of veterinary medicinal products.

In the modern world, side effect studies have gained importance as well as indication studies of drugs, and these studies have been combined as pharmacovigilance studies and have been regulated. Pharmacovigilance consists of separate applications during the development and studies of raw materials, in the form of preparations, all of which have been developed and released to the market. Applications in drugs and raw materials used for human health have also started to be applied in animal health, which is very closely related to human and food health.

Since these are veterinary drug products, the definition of pharmacovigilance here is limited to collecting, reporting, reporting to the competent authorities and taking the necessary measures, the unexpected and undesirable side effects that occur in the drugs that we put on the market, whose study has been completed, whose target types, usage patterns and dosages have been determined. Use in non-target species, recommended use, and exceeding the dose are excluded from pharmacovigilance reporting.

We recommend that you read the prospectus of any product before using it.

After using IPM Pharmaceuticals products, if you suspect any side effects or negative effects, please fill out the form and contact our pharmacovigilance team.