IPM Pharmaceuticals was established in 2004 and completed its product range in the field of animal health and environmental health in 2013, and produced its products as of 2014 and put them on the market.

IPM Pharmaceuticals has adopted the principle of serving the industry in the best way possible. In this direction, it always attaches importance to meeting the needs of its customers with the necessary R&D studies, field researches and studies on quality. It can transfer these values ​​to the field thanks to its experienced sales and marketing team.

With customer satisfaction at the forefront of its primary goals, IPM Pharmaceuticals increases the quality of the service network it offers to its colleagues, integrators and animal owners who serve in the veterinary field, by producing quality and safe products at top quality GMP and GLP standards.

It is starting to take its place among a global company with its production quality and export.

IPM will continue to shape the livestock and environmental health sector with its knowledge on animal and environmental health issues, wide product range and strong technical staff.